Maderas de Llodio launches two new European radiata pine products

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Garnica and Maderas de Llodio have developed two new products for their line of European radiata pine-based plywood panels. These two new panels have been designed for applications in the construction sector (e.g. formwork) and furniture manufacturing (e.g. sofa structures).

Faithful to its spirit of innovation and ongoing improvement, Garnica has been working on the development of these products for several months, incorporating innovative manufacturing techniques and new timber species combinations. This work has led to panels that offer greatly improved properties.

Laudio Form Plus is a plywood panel with a European radiata pine-based core reinforced with eucalyptus globulus. Both faces are covered in phenolic paper and the edges are sealed with damp-proof paint. This panel is ideal for all kinds of formwork (even the most highly demanding) due to its exceptional strength.

The interior combination of European radiata pine and eucalyptus globulus - the most outstanding species of eucalyptus due to its density - gives the panel excellent strength, quality and stability for improved panel re-usability in formwork projects.

Laudio LVL is an outstandingly strong, stable and uniform unidirectional panel made from European radiata pine. These characteristics stem from a composition based on sheets glued together in the same direction as the grain.

Its excellent physical and mechanical properties mean it is especially suited to sofa structures, furniture items and even decoration given its attractive pine edges.

Garnica has a large R&D+i team with a forward-thinking outlook on technologies, processes and products that allows it to work on developing new ideas while remaining focused on the needs of its clients and markets. These two new panels from Maderas de Llodio are the result of that innovation and its partnerships with clients. They will now expand and enrich the catalogue of filmed and exposed plywood panels, as well as adding a new species of wood to the portfolio; eucalyptus globulus, which is also sourced from sustainably managed European plantations.

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