We challenge the ordinary

In a world that is constantly changing what gives us a truly competitive edge is our ability to adapt to new demands and to contribute to a society that meets today’s needs while ensuring future generations will not be deprived of resources.

At Garnica we are aware of this need. We look back in order to move forward, firmly convinced that the path we have taken has enabled us to grow and establish ourselves as market leaders.

Our Mission

We are a global game changer, serving the most demanding clients with innovative and superior plywood products for living and mobility. Rooted in a firm respect for nature, people and the community, we work with sustainable and renewable wood sources to preserve ecological balance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow dreams that are taller than trees, exploring new paths towards a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable society for future generations.

Our Values

Garnica is a people-centred organisation. We treat each other with respect, trust and integrity. We are all committed to setting an example, contributing to the Garnica dream with an open mind, enthusiasm and a sense of ownership.

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