Garnica, DHL Atlas Prize for Most Sustainable Export

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With these awards, DHL recognises those companies that have carried out excellent work related to the export of their business over the year. Andoni Hernández, Garnica Logistics Manager, collected the prize last January 26th in Madrid.

Garnica has been awarded the DHL Atlas prize for the Most Sustainable Export Award in 2016, for the sum of the company's sustainable vision, the export of a sustainable and renewable product, as well as the company's trajectory towards a more sustainable export. Clean (increasing intermodal use, less use of paper, requirement of newer and less polluting equipment, etc.).  In short, this award is the result of a clear commitment to a business model based on sustainable forest management and environmental protection.

DHL, a world leader in postal and logistics services, organises these awards with the aim of recognising the work of companies that are opting for foreign trade as a way of expanding their business. This edition has also included a runner-up prize for export through E-Commerce given the huge growth of our exports through online sales.

The awards panel is made up of prestigious personalities from the institutional, business and educational world such as Alfredo Bonet, Managing Director of Cámara España; Pablo Fernández, Lecturer in Financial Management at IESE; Miguel Otero, Managing Director of the Renowned Brands Forum; Juan Miguel Márquez, Manager of the Institutional Cooperation and Business Training Division at ICEX, Elena Gómez del Pozuelo, President of ADigital and New Technologies and Digital Economy at CEOE; and Nicolás Mouze, Director of Marketing and Sales of DHL Express Iberia. 

The winners in the other categories have been:

Geci Group: Grand Prize for Export for its success in the export of services of high added value, such as engineering, with great technological investment and solid financial results.

Magapor: Prize for the Most Innovative Export for its great commitment to innovation, with a considerable and increasing investment in R & D as the basis of its business model, and more than 25 years exporting 60% of its pork products business, in a total of 40 international markets.

Pisamonas Calzado Infantil: Export through E-Commerce Award for its export growth in the last 3 years, which went from 100,000 euros in 2014 to more than 7 million euros in 2016, exclusively through online channel sales.

DHL Express' Managing Director, Miguel Borrás, emphasised during the ceremony the importance of the specialisation of the company's business carried out in Spain, through which DHL Express will focus specifically on urgent international transport, enabling closer co-operation with the companies that internationalise their activity. "We know that going abroad is a job posing certain difficulties and uncertainties, and therefore we will continue to support our SMEs closely.”

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