Wood from sustainable plantations

Garnica is a leader and a driving force for change in the transition from importing tropical timber to using sustainable, local raw materials.
We use local wood, mainly poplar, pine and eucalyptus from European plantations mostly located in Spain and France.

Poplar, an ally in the fight against climate change

Poplar has one of the highest CO2 absorption rates of all tree species on the planet, absorbing an average of 22 tonnes/ha/year, and is also noted for its rapid growth and ability to purify water. What’s more, poplar products are great carbon dioxide capturers, each m3 of panel absorbs 650-700 kg of C02, replenishing the atmosphere with significant amounts of oxygen.

Culture of circular economy and zero waste

The circularity of processes and minimising waste are two fundamental objectives for Garnica. We are committed to a “lean” production model based on sustainability and continuous improvement, taking advantage of all available resources and integrating by-products into our processes or using them in other industries.

Promoting the rural environment

Garnica’s rural locations generate employment and improve the quality of life in local environments.

Our centres are mostly located in towns with less than 5,000 inhabitants and generate secure jobs, stabilise the population, increase local services and improve infrastructure in the area.

Responsibility towards society


Garnica is in involved in several initiatives across different sectors as part of our commitment to society.

We are involved in specific programmes, both within and outside the company, that support training and seek to improve health, diversity and equality in the Garnica team and we work with local organisations in response to social needs.

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