Integrating young people into the workforce in Garnica’s forestry environment

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Garnica offers an internship program for students interested in the world of wood so they can learn firsthand about our productive model of sustainable development.

The student internship program originally began as practical training prior to including these young people in the workforce. The program is open to all forestry sector and populiculture students, and it consists of showing them our activity in direct contact with nature.

Over the course of this program, the young people are able to see what our sustainable plantations are like, what care must be taken to obtain the best yield, and how the plantations have to be managed; in this way, they can learn all the secrets from a company like Garnica, with its more than 75 years of experience caring for poplars and populiculture.

The future of our company is tied to both preserving and engaging with nature, ‎empowering for tomorrow the individual and collective talent of those who will work in ‎our factories and on our plantations‎. That is why we want to improve training and develop the employability of future workers in this sector with these internships. Thanks to this initiative, students can put their training into practice, test their knowledge, understand the day-to-day reality of the workplace, become familiar with technological applications deemed essential to professional life, and acquire specific knowledge to successfully solve the problems they may face in the future. Thus, Garnica is seeking to promote better knowledge of populiculture and facilitate the transition from academic life to the workforce in every possible way.

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