Garnica to Continue Promoting the Development of University Talent

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It will fund twelve scholarships for university students enrolling in the 2021-2022 ‎academic year for a master’s degree in Business Management, Industrial ‎Engineering, Project Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Chemistry ‎& Biotechnology

This is the sixth year that Garnica is renewing its agreement with the University of La Rioja to continue funding the institution’s main program to promote talent and academic effort.

Pedro Garnica, President of the company, and Juan Carlos Ayala, Dean of the ‎university, have signed a renewal of the agreement to fully fund the public tuition ‎fees of twelve postgraduates for the 2021-2022 academic year‎‎.

The twelve scholarships are for master’s degrees in Business Management, ‎Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, and ‎Chemistry & Biotechnology. Students who receive the scholarship commit to ‎participation in Garnica’s internship program and, if they are selected and achieve ‎the necessary credits, could work at one of the company’s sites in Spain or abroad‎.

Since 2016, Garnica has already funded forty-five scholarships. In the words of Pedro Garnica, “we are proud to reward academic effort and promote the development of university ‎talent, particularly at a time when businesses and academic institutions must work ‎hand in hand to support social and economic recovery in this difficult situation we ‎are facing.

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