Brands have no future without sustainability

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Pedro Garnica, President of Garnica, will speak about sustainable forest management and the measures to support this activity at a free conference on sustainability in the timber value chain being organised by PEFC Spain on 8 May in Ezcaray.

In order to foster and promote a move towards sustainability, PEFC Spain is offering a free conference in Ezcaray (La Rioja) on 8 May entitled Innovation, Legality and Sustainability of the timber value chain in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as part of its Green Innovation project. Pedro Garnica, Chairman of Garnica the Spanish global benchmark in the manufacture of plywood, will speak on the conference to share with the audience his vision of the measures for supporting sustainable forest management.

Sustainability is increasingly important in the rhetoric from brands, while consumers are increasingly aware that the concept transcends a purely environmental outlook and must also include social and economic aspects of life. Many sectors in Spain are already joining the sustainability cause and there is growing interest within the construction sector in the use of certified timber. In fact, 40% of professionals in this sector propose raising awareness of timber as a product for construction, and debunking such concepts as its fragility or high cost.

The conference also includes such topics as The bio-economy and responsible consumption markets; Sustainable timber in the world of wine; Sustainable timber construction solutions for singular projects; and The sustainability challenge for brands of the future from key-note speakers such as Christopher Smith, CEO and founder of BrandSmith; José Brotons, from the Subdirectorate-General of Forestry Policy of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environmental Affairs (MAPAMA); Ana Belén Noriega, General Secretary of PEFC Spain; Marta Salvador, Technical Director of PEFC Spain; Isaac Muga, Technical Director of Bodegas Muga; and Francis Paniego, Chef at Portal de Echaurren.


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