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Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in brand rhetoric as consumers become aware that the concept transcends a purely environmental outlook and also includes the social and economic aspects of life. There is no pretending that sustainability isn’t an extremely pressing issue in all industries, but especially the plywood industry. That’s why we are committed to sustainable practices at Garnica.

Sustainable production models are essential to not only ensure the correct supply and demand of natural resources, but also to guarantee the future of that resource. Plywood, specifically, is a resource that must be carefully controlled; the overuse of it could lead to deforestation, endanger the environment that surrounds the forest, and hurt local communities. In this article, we’ll discuss the main benefits of corporate sustainability, plywood’s specific advantages when it comes to sustainability, and Garnica’s commitment to sustainability

How to Be a Sustainable Company

Every company has to take the first step towards sustainability and truly commit to working to conserve the environment and natural resources. But, how can we achieve this? Take a look:

  • Sustainability helps ensure natural resources in the future: especially for companies using natural resources, it’s essential to ensure the longevity of our products. Companies like ours have an additional responsibility to protect the biodiversity of our resources.
  • Sustainability is responsible: when a company takes the time to produce well-designed products, they last longer. Eliminating wasteful packaging and other unnecessary steps can also help contribute to a healthier planet. 
  • Sustainability is beneficial for people too: social responsibility is a key part of sustainability. Guaranteeing that local communities are respected and cared for can’t be ignored; sustainable labor is synonymous with a sustainable company. 

Benefits of Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Image

As more and more companies make public commitments to sustainability, you don’t want to be left behind. Sustainability is becoming a key pillar of many companies, even those that don’t primarily use natural resources. And, it’s important to look internally and see what changes can be made that would positively impact the environment. 

Although it might be easy to release well-worded statements and attractive promises, ensuring that your company truly follows through on their promise is absolutely essential for the corporate image as a whole. 

Lower Expenses

Sustainability is frequently mistaken for being a rather expensive undertaking. However, sustainable practices can actually help your company save money in the long run. One great example of this is digitalization. Although the process of corporate digitalization can take a little bit to get started, it can save the company significant time and resources later on. 

Business Opportunities 

As sustainability becomes more important in the corporate world, more and more sellers and retailers are limiting their products to items that can be traced throughout the entire supply chain and are certifiably sustainable. If your company can’t prove that you are committed to sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain, you may lose valuable opportunities and customers. 

Plywood & Sustainability 

Speaking generally, plywood from supervised plantations is a sustainable natural resource that gives back to the environment around it. Poplar trees are especially sustainable because it is one of the world’s fastest growing species, absorbs high amounts of CO2, and purifies the water that surrounds it. All of these qualities help strengthen the biodiversity around the poplar trees.

Garnica’s Commitment to Sustainability 

Garnica’s commitment to sustainability can be summed up in three pillars: sustainable plantations, zero waste, and local communities. 

  • Wood from Plantations: transitioning from imported wood from tropical areas to local wood is one of the key pillars of sustainable practices and Garnica is committed to using wood from sustainably-managed European plantations, primarily in Spain and France. 
  • Zero Waste Culture: we’re committed to a lean production model, creating as little waste as possible and using by-products in our own processes. Our products are also extremely long-lasting; our plywood panels are used for projects that require very long life cycles, such as RVs, yachts, or kitchen cabinets. 
  • Local Communities: our rurally-located factories provide jobs for local communities and improve the local infrastructure and economy. We also promote initiatives within both local areas and our own team to strengthen our knowledge of diversity, sustainability, and equality. 

At Garnica, we are here to help you further your commitment to sustainability by providing truly sustainable and high-quality products. To find Garnica products near you, click here.

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