Garnica, with 117 certifications, is a model of quality

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According to data from the certifying authority AENOR, 640 La Rioja workplaces have environmental or process management quality accreditation.

Juan Bezos, Garnica’s Director of Quality, explains, “In some countries, not having certification is a barrier to entry.” And Garnica is not just accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and the Programme for the ‎Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), “we strive for continuous improvement, and ‎right now the company has 117 total certifications; so in addition to eliminating market ‎barriers, we're building a corporate image and giving clients confidence,” Bezos emphasizes‎.

Garnica, operating in 47 countries around the world with 90% of its sales outside of ‎Spain, has had ISO certifications for three years. “A lot of documentation has to be prepared ‎to standardize the processes, and then people have to get used to more controls being put in ‎place; it took us a little while, but the practical implementation part is usually more complicated,” he explains‎.

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