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100% European poplar lightweight plywood

Lightweight panel made entirely of European poplar sourced from sustainable plantations. Its light colour and the smoothness of the veneers make it ideal for painting or covering.

Available with PRM primed finish with 80 microns of water-based acrylic paint, designed to reduce time and cost for the end user who finishes the board with a final coat of paint.

Maximum sustainability due to its poplar core sourced from fast-growing plantations. This wood provides lightness, stability, surface quality and machinability.

  • Incredibly lightweight. Composition 100% planted European poplar.
  • Smoothness and stability. Ideal for painting or covering.
  • Easily machinable. Very easy to cut and sand.
  • Sustainability. Certified fast-growing European plantations.
  • PRM. Available with primed finish ready for a final coat of paint.
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