Juan Albiñana García-Dihinx

Chief Innovation Officer

  • Member of SteerCo
  • Nationality: Spaniard
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • At Garnica since 2004
  • Over 20 years’ experience

  • Juan Albiñana is Garnica’s R&D Director, reporting to CEO Christian Michel.

    Juan has over 20 years’ experience in R&D. He began his career at the Swedish Pulp & Paper Research Institute and was later based at Stockholm University, working for the Swedish FOI. After that, he worked for two years in the adhesives and resins industry in Tarragona, Spain. In 2004 he joined Garnica.

    Juan oversees the company R&D activities, developing, monitoring and ensuring projects are completed on time and fulfilling client expectations. He promotes a productive R&D culture having a client focus on innovation. He explores new technologies and raw material possibilities and promotes and coordinates process improvement projects.

    He works closely with the rest of SteerCo to ensure alignment and prioritisation around strategy, portfolio management, and budgets. Juan also supervises day-to-day R&D managers, ensuring their activities and efforts are aligned with NPD (new product development) goals and priorities.

    Juan holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a post-graduate certificate in Environment Chemical Engineering, from Zaragoza University.

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