Ultzama 2017 Campus, sustainable human cities

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Ultzama 2017, a campus for the exchange of knowledge about more sustainable and human cities

Between 29 June and 2 July, Garnica sponsored and participated in the Ultzama Campus. This conference was organised by the Arquitectura and Sociedad Foundation and brought together a select group of architects, urban developers and researchers of various nationalities to discuss the topic of “Humanising the City”. The event was held in the Ultzama Riding Centre in Pamplona and was attended by over 60 distinguished professionals from the sector.

Over the course of these four days the speakers presented interesting projects regarding the actions taken in various cities in order to humanise them and make urban life more sustainable. For their part, the participating companies presented the products and innovations which are being used in all kinds of projects.

Garnica presented their most innovative products for different building needs from their Durable, Fireshield, Flooring, Elegance and G-Brick ranges. These were the products which aroused the greatest interest:

- G-Brick, the high-performance, insulating, structural sandwich systems. This product was of special interest to those present because of its energy efficiency, its flexibility, allowing it to be adapted to different solutions, and the sustainability of its production process, in which locally-grown wood from plantations is used.

- Flooring, a product which was highly praised by the conference-goers, who had the chance to see it installed in one of the rest areas. Its aesthetic appeal, the varied range of finishes in eucalyptus, oak, maple and walnut, as well as its excellent value for money, came as a pleasant surprise to those attending.

- Elegance Globulus, a lightweight board with a core of European poplar faced with decorative plantation-grown eucalyptus, of the Globulus variety, the most distinctive for its density and hard-wearing finish.

For Garnica, as a point of reference in the manufacture of plywood made from wood grown in sustainable plantations, this campus was an interesting opportunity to exchange knowledge and to make known their most innovative products in the construction industry, as well as to show outlines of the lines they are working along in the development of new  products. 

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