Garnica attends “La ciudad que queremos” congress

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This biennial event stimulates the debate between architecture and the city using a sustainable town planning model


Garnica attended and contributed to the Sixth Architectural Congress “La ciudad que queremos” (The City We Want‎), held in Pamplona (Navarre) from 8 to 10 September.

The biennial event is organised by the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad (Architecture and Society Foundation) to stimulate discussion about architecture and the city that goes beyond the barriers limiting the discipline to the conventional architectural field.

This year’s edition was directed by architect and sociologist José María Ezquiaga with the participation of leading architects, historians and critics from five continents, who discussed the links between architecture, society, sustainable development and the rational use of material resources and energy. The speakers included Mohan Munasinghe, Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 and Anne Lacaton, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2021.

At its stand at the event, Garnica presented its most innovative products based on poplar, an ideal material for a range of sustainable building solutions. More than 1,000 people attended the conference in person, while the talks were broadcast on YouTube, with 2,000 views a day.

As demonstrated at the Concéntrico Festival of Architecture and Design, Garnica supports and promotes initiatives that seek to open dialogue about how we can create more environmentally-friendly living spaces and about the use and development of products, such as poplar plywood panels, that encourage more sustainable construction systems.

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