Recircularity: a project to create new products using wood dust

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A project that is part of Garnica’s strategy to move towards a circular economy to increase recycling and minimise waste

Garnica has launched an innovative initiative in its industrial plants: Recircularity is a project to develop new products using the dust from wood sanding during the panel production process.

The circularity of processes and minimising waste are two fundamental objectives for Garnica. We are committed to a “lean” production model based on sustainability and continuous improvement, taking advantage of all available resources and integrating by-products into our processes or using them in other industries.

In line with this strategy, the company’s R&D&I department is evaluating reusing dust from wood sanding in the production of new materials, both in the wood industry and in other industrial sectors such as the production of recycled plastic materials and in the agri-food industry.

Recircularity is being developed jointly with the CDTI and three research and development companies who are leaders in this type of project: Eco3G Consultores, AITEX and Tecnalia.

This project is part of our ESG commitment to develop a strategy based on a circular economy, increasing the use of recyclable materials, minimising waste and reducing our carbon footprint.

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