Promoting sport in our community through the Rioja Sports Foundation

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Our company is one of the partners collaborating with the Rioja Sport Promotion Plan, a regional government initiative to promote sport, helping athletes, federations and sports clubs.

Garnica is one of the driving forces behind the Rioja Sports Foundation, a public institution created in 2004 and funded by the Government of La Rioja, which aims to promote the development of sport in the community.

The Foundation, through the Rioja Sport Promotion Plan, has different sports training programmes, awards grants to high-performance athletes, promotes and encourages school games, advises and provides financial support to federations and sports clubs‎, organises events, runs health check campaigns for athletes and, in short, promotes sport in the Rioja region.

This collaboration is part of Garnica’s commitment to contributing to the social and economic development of communities in which the company operates, such as La Rioja, the province in which our headquarters are located and where we have three production centres.

Moreover, in the area of health and sports promotion, our company has launched the Garnica Health project to promote healthy lifestyle habits among members of the organisation. This programme includes various initiatives to encourage sporting activities, promote healthy eating, help people make the most of time away from work, and look after our employees’ physical and mental health.

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