Poplar: a very profitable crop alternative

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Poplar has been featured in the "Surcos" program, which is broadcast on Castilla y León television on Friday evenings, and which has analyzed the great opportunities of poplar as a forest plantation.

Every week, the Castilla y León television program "Surcos" addresses topics related to farming and agriculture. The episode from November 9 included a broad and interesting report that covered poplar cultivation from various perspectives, ensuring its future and potential.

Castilla y León currently has 46,000 hectares of poplars, which constitutes 60% of this tree type throughout the country. It is an important industry for the region, creating some 6,000 jobs. There is currently a balance between the poplar wood produced and the demand for wood from companies that process it, and forecasts for the coming years are that demand will continue to rise. Guillermo Hernanz, Garnica’s Director of New Projects, talks on the program about the potential of poplar plantations, and encourages creating even more spaces dedicated to this wood. “The future of populiculture is ensured thanks to high industry demand and its foreseeable growth,” he states in the report.

Carlos Álvarez, Garnica’s Forestry Manager, reminds us that poplar can coexist with other crops, as is done in France, for example: “The profitability of poplar is more than proven; it’s a very profitable tree that generates high income per hectare.

Moreover, its work goes beyond the production of the wood itself, since it is one of the most environmentally sustainable species in existence.” The program also includes the statements from the heads of central and regional administration with a clear message in favor of promoting cultivation of a tree that creates employment, establishes the population, and provides excellent profitability to both the owner and the industry.

Poplar as a crop is a very good alternative, and it is expected to receive even more support on the part of public administrations.

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