Garnica will open its next factory in the French region of Champagne in 2022

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With the construction of what will become its 7th factory, Garnica will be the only player with operations in four of Europe’s largest poplar-growing areas.

Garnica has started work on the construction of its seventh plant, which will be built according to the “smart factory” model, in the Parc du Grand Troyes (France). The plant’s strategic location will give the manufacturer access to sustainable raw materials from European plantations.

The new plant will start operating in 2022, with an annual wood consumption capacity of 300,000 m3, which will enable Garnica to ensure a reliable supply and support its clients’ growth. The company expects to close the year with a turnover of €255 million, of which 93% will be exports to 600 clients in over 50 countries worldwide.

The new plant in Troyes has been designed in accordance with the “factory 4.0” model. In addition to providing automated information in real time, the use of artificial intelligence technology will optimise processes and quality control systems.

This new factory will be located in the Sud Champagne region which, as well as giving its name to the production of Champagne, is also known for its large plantations of high-quality poplars.

The plant will provide an incentive for private farmers and villages in the area and will contribute to its reforestation and the creation of local jobs. In fact, during the last three years Garnica has been actively involved in the Grand Est Regional Plan, which aims to promote the growing of poplar trees in the region and is the main contributor to the Merci Le Peuplier initiative, under which more than 400,000 poplars have been planted in France since its foundation.

Poplar is the main wood species used by the company to make plywood, as its high-quality wood, which is produced in fast-growing plantations, stands out for its sustainability and strong capacity to capture CO2 from the atmosphere, providing greater protection for the environment.

Furthermore, as part of its desire to respect and look after its surroundings, Garnica has started a green “éco-pâturage” grazing project in currently unoccupied pieces of land in Troyes. This method is an eco-friendly solution to clean and maintain green or hard-to-access places with the help of animals.

When this new plant comes into operation, Garnica will have a total of seven production plants: five in Spain (La Rioja, the Basque Country and León) and two in France (one in the Aquitaine region and the new factory in Troyes, in the Sud Champagne region).

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