Garnica, a paradigm of sustainable development

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ING shares Garnica's story as an example of a company that is making progress towards new models of sustainable development.

En ING makes great efforts to be a sustainable company. Its commitment to society also extends to the need to protect the environment in which we live and to safeguard it for future generations. It does this in two ways: by reducing the environmental impact of its activity and by financing sustainable Spanish businesses and those who wish to progress towards these new business models.

On the World Day for the Reduction of Co2 Emissions, it wished to share the story of Garnica, one its clients. Garnica is a paradigm of sustainable development - a world benchmark in the manufacture of plywood using wood from plantations. The forests it manages in Spain and France store around 500,000 tonnes of Co2 every year.

Pedro Garnica“Sustainability is about using raw materials to fulfil our needs without endangering the needs of future generations

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