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Garnica in Maderalia

Fecha de publicación: 04/02/2016
Garnica in Maderalia
Cuerpo de la noticia:

Garnica has participated once again in MADERALIA, a convention where the cutting-edge innovations and breakthroughs of the timber sector are presented.

From the 2nd to the 5th of February in Valencia MADERALIA has been held, once more, together with the FIMMA (machinery tools and technology contest) to offer a global vision on architecture and interior design with an eye on materials and solutions for furniture and decoration.

In this fair Garnica has showed up with a vast stand where its assistants inform about the news and evolution of the company. Among the displayed products there are technically improved boards with outstanding attributes such as flame resistance or external agents (fungi and insect) resistance. There are also structural boards specially designed for the construction of new housing and/or renovation.

On Wednesday we are taking part on a round table discussion on the topic “Overall Solutions in Plywood” to share our experience as European leaders in the manufacture of plywood.