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Garnica donates material to help combat COVID-19

The company has donated solutions made from plywood panels for rapid assembly in hospitals, healthcare centres and elderly care homes

Fecha de publicación: 17/04/2020
Garnica donates material to help combat COVID-19
Cuerpo de la noticia:

Garnica wants to help overcome the unprecedented crisis caused by coronavirus by contributing its industrial experience and resources.

Our company has designed and produced separation screens and ultralight beds using our plywood panels. These solutions are being delivered as completely-free donations to hospitals, healthcare centres and elderly care homes.

Garnica has set up a specific work team for this project that has been able in a very little time to present specific solutions especially suited to the adaptation and separation of healthcare spaces.

Three are the projects with which Garnica collaborates in this crisis:

  1. Separation screens: screens made from lightweight plywood panels that are easy to install without professional assistance and that can also be disinfected. Garnica has produced 1,000 separation screens and they are being delivered free of charge to authorised healthcare centres.
  2. Ultralight strong beds made from panels in our “Ultralight” range. These have been designed for quick and easy self-assembly.
  3. Custom projects for space separation: solutions for separating spaces in field hospitals that can be installed quickly and easily.

These solutions from Garnica are made entirely from plywood panels that the company produces in its plants. The company has chosen especially light, sanitized and manageable products.

Thanks to the selfless support of several joineries in the area, Garnica is donating these solutions to various entities while covering all the design, material, shipment and production costs. Due to the company’s experience and the support being provided by its partners, this project is being managed extremely quickly and as a priority, given the urgency of making this material available where it is needed.

So far, these donations have been delivered in Spain, more specifically to the Hospital San Pedro in Logroño, the Calahorra Hospital Foundation and elderly care homes in Cenicero and Albelda run by the GerontoRioja group (La Rioja). These solutions have also been delivered to the Hospital de León and in Madrid, to the Hospital Puerta de Hierro and to the Nuevo Versalles, Dos de Mayo and Misioneras de la Caridad elderly care homes.