The 8th edition of Concéntrico will last two days longer and will include new locations

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The Logroño Festival of Architecture and Design will be held from 1 to 6 September and, as always, the creators will use Garnica panels in their installations

The 8th edition of Concéntrico, the Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design, will be held this year from 1 to 6 September and will last two days longer than previous editions.

The number of exhibition spaces will also be expanded: in addition to the usual Escuelas Trevijano and Viña Lanciano locations, this year will also see installations in Obispo Bustamante Street and an enclave in Quinta do Seixo, in Portugal.

Concéntrico is a festival organised by the Cultural Foundation of Architects of La Rioja in conjunction with Logroño City Council and the Government of La Rioja. This year, just like it has every year since this urban event was launched, Garnica will donate more than 500 panels from its sustainable plantations for the participating architects and designers to use to make their artistic installations.

The festival features work that reflects on urban space in a different way while offering an invitation to rediscover the city and enjoy the street as a vertebral element of the everyday environment. Garnica is immensely proud to supply its plywood panels and to help the participants find new artistic uses for them that contribute, albeit ephemerally, to creating more sustainable living spaces.

For Garnica, this type of initiative is part of our commitment to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the areas in which we operate. In accordance with the decision to become involved with our environment, this year the installations at Viña Lanciano will be displayed in two locations: next to the Ebro River, in La Rioja; and in Quinta do Seixo, in the Douro basin, in Portugal. These are the two main locations for the sustainable poplar plantations which supply Garnica with wood.

Exhibitions Concéntrico 07:

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