In sectors such as vehicle manufacturing, construction, the marine industry, the furniture industry and interior design our products and services are particularly valued:

  • We offer customised products and tailor-made processes
  • We offer a fast and flexible service
  • We provide pre-sales and after-sales technical assistance
  • We can efficiently produce and deliver large volumes
  • We are constantly working to increase our production capacity and grow hand in hand with our clients

Distribution warehouses show particular interest in Garnica panels:

  • Our sales force and customer service department provide a customized service experience
  • We offer a wide range of products that cover multiple needs
  • We have a stock service for fast delivery
  • We’re present along the main logistical routes throughout 5 continents
  • We’re able to adapt our delivery service to ship to different locations
  • We work with the best partners to provide updated tracking information on shipments.

Contractors and individuals shopping at DIY centers find in Garnica panels a unique product with exceptional qualities:

  • We offer plywood solutions that adapt to multiple applications
  • Our product is highly uniform, with large-volume service capacity
  • We develop customized products and special sizes
  • We guarantee quality and sustainability with the certifications required for each market
  • Our logistics and service are customized according to sector
Clients are our market

We listen to our clients and understand their activities in order to efficiently respond to their expectations

We prefer to think of ourselves as solution providers rather than simply product vendors. This is possible thanks to an experienced team that works hand-in-hand with our clients through all stages of the process, from the assistance and guidance phases to service after the sale.

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