Corporate Sustainability: how to be a sustainable company

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Why is corporate sustainability important? Beyond the need to take action to care for our environment and protect the planet, applying sustainable production models has many other benefits that we can’t ignore.

The questions we must first ask is: what is a sustainable company? When can a company say that they are committed to development that won’t negatively affect future generations? The examples are very different, depending on the sector and size of each company, but in the production of plywood panels, the answer is clear.

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When asked what the best way to obtain wood is, we must focus on how we treat the forests, the place where we get our primary resource. Sustainable forest management is key; at Garnica, we use primary materials from plantations located in Spain, France, and Portugal, unlike other companies that import tropical wood and encourage deforestation. 

Plywood is the main species we use; it’s a fast-growing species that we extract from plantations in a controlled manner, ensuring substitution and survival in the best conditions for the areas we harvest. In addition, these sustainable forests have a positive impact on their environment, thus benefiting their surroundings and contributing to a better quality of life for residents. This is how we can sustainably use wood to create plywood panels.

Corporate sustainability and caring for the environment have a positive effect on every aspect of the company: internal, economic, social, reputational. Keep reading to discover the benefits of being a sustainable company.

The Advantages of Corporate Sustainable Development 

Regulatory Compliance

American legislation has been adapting its laws as awareness of the need to care for the planet has become widespread. Some of these laws are: the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, and the Lacey Act. Adopting a global sustainability policy in your company is the best way to ensure that you are in compliance with all laws and avoid lawsuits or legal problems that could interrupt your company’s business.

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Corporate Image Improvement

When we ask ourselves why corporate sustainability is so important, we can’t forget a very important matter: reputation. A company needs to cultivate a good external image to attract their target audience, create bonds with other companies, avoid bad press, and maintain its allure. Sustainability and the “green” image of a company generates sympathy and improves the public’s opinion of your project. But, you must ensure that you can back up this image with real actions, both within your company and externally.

Lower Expenses

Frequently, sustainable companies are equated with higher investments or a large economic effort to adapt the company to certain production standards. Although this may be true in the short term, you will save resources which will lead to saving money in both the medium and long term. This is reflected mainly in recycling, waste reduction, and lower paper consumption policies, which goes hand-in-hand with process digitalization. We have to think about sustainability as a necessary part of the long-term business development plan.

Creating New Business Opportunities

Sustainable consumption is a social movement that is reaching new parts of the population; concern for the production process of an item before it is sold and the search for nearby and non-toxic materials opens new sales opportunities for companies that take the values of sustainability seriously. There’s been a change in both user and company mentality that tells us that these new needs will come out even stronger.

medio ambiente

Garnica is a sustainable company using poplar plywood as its main ally against climate change; poplar absorbs the most CO2, known for its fast growth and water purification capabilities. We are focusing on creating a culture of circular economy and zero waste to reduce garbage beyond our production centers on an internal level. We are aiming for a sustainable world where we live in pure harmony with nature, without destroying it or compromising its future.

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