Woodchips: an environmentally friendly fuel

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Poplar woodchips are uniform particle size fragments obtained by using blades to shred the remnants from a cut that are not suitable for peeling, such as branches and the part of the trunk with too small a diameter for peeling.

We take advantage of these remnants from a cut, conveniently gathered and properly aligned, on the plot itself using woodchippers mounted on a forwarder, thereby creating a product with a quality and particle size suitable for a variety of uses, such as the production of chipboard, livestock bedding, biomass, etc.

hredding this type of material gives value to a byproduct that a few years ago was not used and wound up being burned in order to leave the property clean, emitting large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere in addition to generating a poplar logging waste management expense.

Poplar woodchips have a low moisture content if the remnants are correctly managed; one of their main features is their uniform particle size, which yields excellent results in biomass boilers.

Garnica is the leading producer of poplar woodchips, generating an annual volume of more ‎than 90,000 metric tons; because they are not being removed through burning and thus ‎released into the atmosphere, they also contribute value to such a sustainable species as ‎poplar‎.

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