Valdelinares Ski Station

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Duraply, the ideal Garnica product for ski areas.

This project started in November 2014 and it consisted of the construction of the two buildings which form the Valdelinares Ski Station: a control module and a ski lift station.

It is the most southern station in Aragon and it is 1693 metres above sea level. The secret of Valdelinares is its perfect conjunction between the natural charm of its forests and the comfort of a family ski resort.

The buildings which form the station are made from Garnica Duraply plywood. One of them is the 48m2 ski lift motor station which contains the transfer centre, a storage room and the drive and control room. The other building is the ski lift station which has a surface area of 12m2, distributed over a single space which includes the drive room and the control room.

Garnica’s Duraply plywood was the perfect product for this construction, thanks to its exceptional durability in extreme conditions, such as the ones found in this landscape.

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