Marvel again at the city of Logroño as Concéntrico fills it with art

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From 3 to 6 September, European architects and designers experiment and install projects in different spaces in Logroño using Garnica panels

The 6th edition of the Concéntrico International Festival of Architecture and Design will take place in Logroño from 3 to 6 September 2020. This is a very special edition that had to be rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Concéntrico invites the public to leave the months of confinement behind and enjoy the urban space once more, to pause and “embrace the city as pedestrians”.

This year’s festival has a new format specially adapted to the new situation and encourages visitors and residents to stroll through the city, offering a reflection on the urban environment in the form of ephemeral installations, exhibitions, debates and other activities that highlight lesser-known places and spaces that respond to changing urban environments.

This edition features 14 installations that will be complemented with four exhibitions, guided tours, a round table session, and online conversations. Participation in the various activities will be free, but capacity will be limited. The programme will be carried out in compliance with current health regulations at all times and, for this reason, prior registration will be required for participants of the guided tours and other scheduled activities.

Por sexta ocasión consecutiva Garnica aportará sus tableros contrachapados con los que los artistas participantes realizan sus obras. Además de los tableros habituales de chopo de plantación y los recién incorporados de pino sostenible, Garnica ofrece este año un amplio repertorio de contrachapados decorativos como el abedul, el eucalipto y el nogal, especies de madera altamente apreciadas en la industria por su calidad y belleza superficial.

For the sixth consecutive year, Garnica will be supplying the plywood panels that the participating artists use in their works. This year, in addition to the usual plywood panels made from its plantation poplars and the recently incorporated sustainable pine panels, Garnica will provide a wide range of decorative plywood panels including birch, eucalyptus and walnut, all highly valued tree species in the industry owing to their quality and beauty.

The event is organised by the Cultural Foundation of Architects of La Rioja (FCAR) in collaboration with Logroño City Council and the Government of La Rioja. According to Javier Peña, the Festival’s director, “this sixth edition stands out for being the most monumental, with various locations exhibiting works as extensive as those we will see on Paseo del Espolón and in the Plaza del Mercado”.

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