Rivage Floating Houses

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The Rivage concept seeks to reclaim freshwater spaces through floating installations with high energy efficiency, great durability, and a sustainable design in the use of renewable raw materials.

This has been one of the most innovative construction projects Garnica has participated in. It involves several projects that combine accommodations in uncommon places, such as lakes and trees, with incredible natural environments. The floating houses are designed for vacation rentals and are located in northern France.

This type of construction requires a light system that allows floating in a simple manner, is highly energy efficient, and uses materials from a sustainable and renewable source that are also able to withstand changing humidity and temperature condition.

Garnica’s Duraply plywood meets all of these requirements, combining the lightness of poplar with the durability of an innovative treatment applied to the panel. The Duraply line of panels is composed of plantation poplar; 100% of the panel has been modified with an innovative treatment that provides it with exceptional durability in outdoor spaces. The panels have a 15-year warranty (more information at duraply.one) against delamination, mold, and xylophagous insect attacks. Since the entire panel has been treated, its durability is guaranteed even after sanding, cutting, or machining.

The close collaboration between Garnica’s technical team and the Rivage Constructions Flottantes developers has turned these floating houses into a dream come true. These images correspond to the assembly of the first model, a 40 m2 floating accommodation, and the rest of the home will be installed soon, with a total of 10 projects.

Thanks to a construction system based on geometric modules, it was possible to design customized floating constructions, equipped with all expected comfort levels, and they are also scalable and do not lose sight of caring for the environment.

The entire design process is carried out from a sustainable perspective, aiming to leave no footprint on the natural environment:

  • For its construction, sustainably sourced renewable materials are used, such as Garnica’s Duraply plywood.
  • Recycling of all construction materials used, as well as possible relocation of any of the constructions to other environments.
  • The floating houses use renewable energies in their supply.

The poplar with which Garnica’s Duraply panels are manufactured comes from European plantations close to the production centers. In addition, poplar is one of the most sustainable species, notable for its high CO2 absorption and fast growth, so it is replaced faster and the environmental impact is minimal.

In addition to the floating houses, Rivage has designed tree houses that offer a unique space perfectly nestled in a calm and natural environment. They have other projects as well, such as floating pools based on rot-resistant wood that are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

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