Why Choose Wood?

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Wood has been used for centuries as the main building material in a wide range of projects. But why is it so widely used? In this article, we dive into the details.

Once the general idea of a project is established, architects and builders are faced with an essential question: what materials should we use? There are many alternatives, such as bamboo, hemp or wheat, but none truly offer all of the advantages that wood offers. 

Advantages of Using Wood

There are five main benefits of choosing wood for your next construction project:

  • Wood is a sustainable material.
  • Wood is efficient.
  • Wood is highly versatile. 
  • Wood has advantageous physical properties.

Wood is Sustainable

As more of an emphasis is placed on sustainability, wood’s popularity is growing. Some wood species such as poplar are commonly grown on plantations, meaning the trees replace themselves quickly, eliminating the concern of deforestation and ensuring its status as a renewable resource. In addition, poplar trees actually give back to the environment around it, providing homes for local animals, removing CO2 from the atmosphere, and purifying surrounding bodies of water. 

Wood is Efficient

Efficiency is key in any project and wood provides just that. Largely available, choosing wood means that you’re able to work year-round in almost any climate. And most wood panels are pre-fabricated off-site, making actual construction time much shorter, helping you produce a finished design much faster. Wood is also a natural insulator, reducing the costs of heating and cooling. 

Wood is Highly Versatile 

Many other building materials are limited to certain projects or have to be completed in certain climates or during specific times of the year. However, wood can be used for indoor or outdoor projects, floors, ceilings, campers, boats, and much more. And don’t forget one of the most important parts: wood’s versatility means that it’s available in a wide range of wood, finishes, and decorative options to ensure your project is perfect. 

Wood is has exceptional physical properties

Wood boasts a number of enviable qualities that make it a great choice for an incredibly wide range of uses. Poplar wood provides to plywood panels lightness, stability, surface quality and machinability: what more do you need? As a natural insulator and with its characteristic of being structurally strong, wood can adapt to the needs of even the most demanding project.

At Garnica, we’re here to help you choose the right material for your project and we offer a wide range of high-quality plywood panels from sustainably managed, European plantations. If you’re ready to take the next step and choose Garnica’s plywood, click here to find the distributor closest to you today. 

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