Garnica installs filtered water fountains at its work centers

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The company ensures the health of its employees and contributes to caring for the environment, avoiding the use of plastic containers.

As part of our policy of protecting the environment, using resources sustainably, and avoiding plastic waste in our facilities, we have installed filtered water fountains at all the company’s work centers.

Additionally, every member of the organization has been provided with a reusable aluminum bottle that they can refill with water from these fountains and have at their workstations.

These bottles are made with “Firewall” technology and ultraviolet light to prevent transmitting viruses and bacteria: the ultraviolet light sanitizes and protects the mouthpiece, creating a barrier where viruses are neutralized.

This action is part of Garnica’s ESG social responsibility policies with a dual objective: as part of Garnica Health’s activity, it is another initiative to protect the health and safety of the entire human team and promote healthy lifestyle habits; it is also part of our commitment to ensuring the environmental efficiency of all our operations with sustainable economic models to move toward a circular economy, increasing the reuse of resources and preventing waste.

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