How to Choose Sustainable Materials For Furniture

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Garnica is committed to not only sustainability manufacturing wood products, but also encouraging our clients and industry to do the same and prioritize sustainability.

In the 1950s, builders found that they could easily and cheaply produce mass quantities of furniture using plastic, aluminum, and synthetic materials. This led to an increase in the amount of waste as these chemical-filled products did not have a long life nor strong durability and were frequently replaced with similar, cheap products, creating a deadly cycle for the environment. Thankfully, today we are more aware of the effects that our actions can have on the environment and have more sustainable options available to us. 

When it comes to choosing the right materials for your next furniture project, remember to keep the following points in mind and use products that meet these criteria:

  • Materials that come from renewable sources
  • Materials sourced using the smallest quantity of chemicals possible
  • Materials that are locally sourced to cut down on transportation times

Why are sustainable materials so important? 

The choice to use sustainable materials may seem obvious, but it can have a strong impact on the environment. By using renewable resources, not only is there less waste, but in addition, manufacturers can ensure that they are not over planting or overproducing wood products. But using renewable materials isn’t the only way to produce sustainable furniture; ensuring that your product is long-lasting and durable means that it will have a long lifespan and won’t need to be replaced quickly. 

How to choose sustainable materials

So when it comes to choosing materials for your next project, how do we know what to choose? Here are some ideas that sum up the most important points:

  • Ensure that the materials are high quality and durable, leading to a long lifespan as a valuable piece of furniture. Products that have a short lifespan end up contributing to global waste. Our Elegance range with UV finish in an incredibly lightness and durable plywood panel that boast long lasting results plywood panel that boasts long lasting results, thanks to its UV finish and beautiful hardwood faces

  • Check to see if the plywood is sustainably farmed and sourced. Garnica’s European Poplar trees are grown on Europe sustainable plantations that are certified under organizations that confirm the sustainability of plantations at a global level.

  • Try incorporating unique and sustainable materials into your project. Our Performance Ultra-Smooth Plywood is a new product from Garnica that, in addition to being sustainable and high-quality thanks to its European core, is a popular choice among cabinet manufacturers. It is designed to save both time and money when manufacturing furniture, using either both uniformly primed faces or one primed side and the other side with a UV clear maple or birch finish.

If you’re ready to take the next step and transform your project using sustainable materials, look no further. At Garnica, we are happy to help you select the right product to leave a lasting positive impact on both the environment and your project. 

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