How Garnica poplar wood is integrated into art and architecture

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At Garnica, we have participated in large and disruptive artistic and architectural projects using our materials as the core element of creation, and we compiled them in the book Garnica Art.

Plywood is an exceptional material that is particularly valued in industrial sectors such as furniture, vehicle manufacturing, construction, maritime, and interior design. Made of sustainable, strong, versatile veneers with incredible mechanical properties, plywood is extraordinary.

Accustomed to seeing wooden elements in our homes and surroundings, could they become an artistic feature? The answer is yes. Festivals, museums and artists have played an important role in showcasing the various uses of plywood. Fortunately, more and more professionals are looking for project materials that have minimum impact on the environment, come from renewable sources, and help build a sustainable future, continuing the timeless story between wood and human beings.

Poplar wood is light and easy to handle, but it also boasts excellent durability and strength, and if it comes from Garnica, it is sustainably grown and locally sourced. This is why artists and professionals have been motivated to use our wood in their artistic and architectural pieces.

With the book Garnica Art, we bring to light the architectural and artistic possibilities of plywood. The 20 pieces compiled in this book were part of various national and international exhibitions featuring Garnica wood as the main material, demonstrating how wood can be sustainably integrated into this type of art through innovation and creativity. 

At Garnica, we are constantly working to develop new products, combining different types of wood with new materials, improving the already excellent properties of wood with new multi-sector technologies and value-added treatments.

Click on the image to see the complete book and learn about the 20 architectural pieces where you can find Garnica plywood.

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