Fireshield plywood by Garnica - Innovation that challenges flames

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ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rated plywood for construction


Fireproof plywood for construction, modified with an innovative treatment that that provide the 100% panel with exceptional resistance to fire, even after sanding and machining.

Its ASTM E-84 Class A certified, highest for wood, is a testament to its excellent results in fire resistance, given that it significantly reduces the speed of carbonization, generation of smoke and flame propagation, without falling flaming particles.

Fireshield Building panels are made of premium single piece core veneers from European sustainable poplar plantations that provide extraordinary lightweight panels making them easy to machine, virtually void-free with no telegraphing, with exceptional bond quality, flatness, stability and machining properties.

  • ASTM E-84 Class A. Highest certification in fire resistance for wood.
  • Fireproofing. Low carbonization, scarce smoke emission and absence of flaming particles.
  • Fire resistant. 100% of the panel, even after sanding or machining.
  • Exceptional qualities. Easy to machine, lightweight, stable and high surface quality.
  • Responsibility. CARB Phase 2, TSCA Title VI and CE2+ structural certificate.
  • Sustainability. Certified European fast-growing plantations.

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