Different Types of Wood Species with Garnica

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At Garnica, we offer a wide range of plantation species; we boast different kinds of wood for construction, mobility, furniture, DIY projects and much more. Discover them here.

Wood is one the most used materials for all kinds of construction. If we stop and think about it, we’re surrounded by wood: our kids’ toys, the tables at which we eat, the chairs on which we sit and the doors we open and close every day. Wood is functional, elegant, resistant and allows us to apply different kinds of treatments and finishes to improve its natural properties. 

The most basic separation of wood species is between hardwood and softwood.

  • Hardwoods come from trees that are characterised by their slow growth, which results in dense and hard wood. Examples of hardwood are maple, oak and elm. 
  • Softwoods, on the other hand, are made from relatively fast-growing trees, resulting in less dense wood. Poplar and spruce are perfect examples of softwood. 

At Garnica, we work with a wide range of plantation species and use each of their strengths to create panels with different properties that meet the needs of various projects. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of wood that allows us to create plywood panels that meet the highest quality standards.  

What are Garnica’s Main Wood Species? 


Poplar is Garnica’s leading wood species and the most frequently used in our products, thanks to its wonderful properties. Poplar wood is incredibly light and easy to use; it’s especially suited for vehicle construction, such as campers, thanks to its light weight. Poplar can be easily manipulated and results in an excellent final product. 

Poplar wood is, in addition, an ally in the fight against climate change. It’s one of the species with the highest CO2 absorption in the world, with an average of 22 tons a year. Poplar trees also stand out for their fast growth and water purification abilities. Products that come from poplar capture large quantities of carbon dioxide and return lots of oxygen to the atmosphere. 

Eucalyptus Globulus

Eucalyptus is also one of the most valued wood materials for construction; that’s why we chose the high-quality, easy to machine Globulus variety at Garnica. It's known for its exceptional strength and resistance and superficial beauty; it’s so strong that it’s perfect for the outdoors. However, it’s a bit harder to manipulate. Just like poplar and birch, it comes from European fast-growing plantations, guaranteeing its sustainability. We offer eucalyptus panels like G-brick, highly energy-efficient, insulated structural panels whose eucalyptus panels conceal an extruded polystyrene core.


Birch wood is another popular plywood choice. It’s also harder, perfect for any type of project. We offer a wide range of products that use birch wood, including the Reinforced Globulus Birch Plywood Panels

Maple wood

Its aesthetically pleasing natural colour means that limited finishes and decorations are required; at Garnica, we have the ideal maple-base plywood: the Reinforced Globulus Maple product, ideal for interior decorative applications without any further sanding and processing.

Garnica’s Other Species 

Our product range is wide and we boast many more species for a variety of uses.  One specific product is our Laudio Birch line, a radiata pine focused line that’s renowned for its exceptional surface quality. Whether you’re looking for wood for building homes, renovating walls and floors, indoor or even outdoor projects, Garnica can guarantee certified, high-quality, and sustainable wood. Choose the wood species that best adapts to what you’re looking for and contact us! 

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