The construction of the Troyes plant is progressing as planned, and it will be operative in 2022

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The new factory, which was conceived before the pandemic, will be fully automated with 4.0 tools being used to optimise results.

Construction of the company's seventh factory, which will be located in the Southern Champagne region in Northern France, is advancing according to the planned schedule, and one of its warehouses is practically complete.

This will be our second plant in France, joining the one we have in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, both in areas near where the sustainable raw material we use at Garnica is obtained. The basin of the Seine and Aube rivers, where the new factory is located, is considered the richest area of poplars in Europe.

It is estimated that in the future this factory will operate as a “smart factory” model. The entire production process will be fully automated with 4.0 tools being used to optimise results.

The new plant will start production in 2022; thus, hiring has begun for the maintenance, forestry, human resources, administration, and management departments. Its strategic location will guarantee access to sustainably sourced raw materials, mitigating the activity's carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The plant was designed in 2019, but the start of works had to be pushed back due to the pandemic. This delay was used to implement an original environmental pasturage project, “eco-pasturage,” in land areas that were not going to be immediately occupied. With this initiative, green spaces and hard-to-reach areas are cleaned and maintained with the help of animals.

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