Successful Christmas campaign to collect food and toys

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Thanks to the donations by our colleagues in Fuenmayor, 40 children from families at risk of exclusion received a holiday gift this year.

In December, a solidarity initiative was organized at our Fuenmayor plant, which had an excellent response from all our colleagues. A food and toy drive was held with containers placed at the entrance doors to the factory and offices.

Employees had the chance to donate nonperishable foods (legumes, canned foods, oil, etc.), packaged foods for babies (baby formula, jars of purée, jars of baby food, etc.), and toys, stuffed animals, and similar items.

The campaign was a success that exceeded all expectations, and the toys were given to three centers run by the Diagrama Foundation: the La Cometa and Iregua Protection Centers and the La Cometa Day Center. Thanks to this initiative, 40 children from families at risk of exclusion were able to experience the excitement of receiving a gift on Three Kings’ Day.

Congratulations to all our colleagues who, with their generosity in donating toys and food, helped make many families happier. At Garnica, we are proud to support these solidarity initiatives that are part of our policy of growing responsibly and supporting the social environment where we carry out our operations.

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