The ElectraPly x Garnica

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The ElectraPly, an environment-friendly e-bike made of plywood, is the brainchild of Evie Bee, a professionally-trained modelmaker specializing in traditional woodworking.

With raw materials sourced from Garnica, a leader in sustainable plywood, The ElectraPly was created in response to the recent rise in popularity of vintage bikes and as a reflection of the developer’s commitment to the environment.


The design of The ElectraPly was inspired by the Yamaha SR250, a scrambler bike (a lightweight bike specially designed for off-road motorcycling) which was described as the ‘perfect donor’ by Bike Bound Magazine. Evie wanted to construct a version as close as possible to the Yamaha using environment-friendly raw materials. After an exhaustive search, Evie decided to construct the e-bike using Garnica’s Efficiency Poplar plywood due to its cost-effectiveness, lightweightedness and unmatched strength.

Have a look here at the beautifully-designed ElectraPly.