Mö: a solar energy vehicle built using Garnica plywood

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Have you ever dreamt of driving a car that minimises energy consumption and pollution? Our planet is suffering severe damage and more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of protecting the environment and living in harmony with nature; in other words, optimising the use of resources and causing the least possible impact on our habitat.

With this idea in mind, the company, Evovelo was born. Evovelo operates within the framework of the social economy and aims to develop a new concept in transport. In order to carry out this Project, the company has found an excellent ally in Garnica, a company that specialises in plywood and whose business model is based on sustainability.

Evovelo have developed a vehicle called Mö, capable of transporting people and goods in an efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. This vehicle has been constructed using Garnica plywood and has a totally closed structure, just like that of any conventional car, only using plywood.

Garnica supplied its plywood product, Performance Poplar HPL-, a light, wooden board made entirely from European poplar, sourced from sustainable plantations. One of the most important characteristics of this board is its top quality interior plies.

The poplar core sourced from sustainable plantations offers lightness, stability, surface quality and ease of machining. The board is covered with a compact sheet of HPL, which has some outstanding properties; the most notable of which being its exceptional resistance to impact and scratching.

Evovelo is inspired by four young entrepreneurs, who have launched Mö onto the market, a vehicle which offers a new driving experience and is powered by solar energy thanks to the panels built into its roof. Its design combines the benefits of the electric bike and the comfort of a car and has an almost negligible impact on the environment. It weighs 100 kg and has an engine power of between 1200 and 1500 W and a range of 50 km in electric mode, which can be extended up to 70 Km with assisted pedalling.

In addition, this eco-vehicle can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h and its technical specifications allow users to make considerable savings in fuel, tax and insurance. Another advantage is that you do not need a special licence to drive it and in the main cities there are car parks where you can park free of charge. It has a recommended retail price of around 4,500 euros.

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