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When cabinetmaker Shawn Cook was tasked with building a 20-foot by 15-foot white shaker-style kitchen, he instinctively selected the 1/2 inch, 4-foot by 8-foot, Garnica UV Coated Elegance Birch Plywood as the material for the cabinet boxes. Working alone, Cook took approximately four weeks to construct the kitchen, which was installed in a residence in Lapel, Indiana, USA.

Previously, Cook used inexpensive Chinese birch plywood to build his cabinet boxes. He thought he was saving money. However, once the cabinetmaker experienced peeling faces and warped boards he decided to give Garnica Plywood a try.

“I was introduced to Garnica Plywood by Distributor Service Inc. Sales Manager Scott Partridge,” Cook said. “DSI is a reliable source of professional woodworking products.”

Partridge explained that Garnica is a global reference in Europe for poplar plywood panel production. The company has offered a wide range of quality products since 1941. DSI distributes Garnica Plywood throughout its eight-city footprint in the Mid-Western United States.

“Though I pay a little bit more for Garnica Plywood, I make up for the extra expense in saved man hours,” Cook said. “When I work with Garnica, it is consistently flat and true. The material allows me to easily install fasteners and cut dado woodworking joints effortlessly.”

Garnica “Elegance Birch” is a lightweight panel with poplar core and faces with soft, warm tones and elegant grain. It is ideal for furniture and decoration, thanks to the beauty of its faces finished in birch. In addition to providing exceptional lightness and ease of machining, its sustainable poplar core from European plantations gives these panels great stability and surface quality. UV coating provides the panel with an attractive decorative finish and an extra physical and chemical resistance.

Another of Cook’s customers wanted a modern European-style look for a new 22-foot by 13-foot kitchen. The kitchen was installed at a residence in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Cook used full-face frames and Garnica UV Coated Artisan Birch Plywood for the boxes. However, when it came to the large cabinet doors and exposed end panels, he used 3/4 inch, 4-foot by 8-foot, Garnica Walnut Plywood.

“The customers loved the kitchen. They got the best of both worlds—beauty and durability,” Cook said. “My initial fear was that because the doors were 6-foot by 2-foot, that they would warp over time. However, due to Garnica’s quality veneer cores, I’m confident the cabinetry will hold up to the rigors of everyday kitchen use while giving the customer the aesthetic appeal they desire.”

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