Wood Panels for Your Next Project

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Plywood is known as a versatile material that can be used in a variety of projects. But, have you considered some out-of-the-box ideas, like using plywood as paneling? In this article, we’ll discuss why plywood is a smart choice for paneling and what benefits it brings to your next project.

Plywood is particularly well-known due to its diverse applications and wide range of finishes and treatments that contribute to a high-quality, sustainable panel that is both long-lasting and beautiful. However, have you considered using plywood panels for your walls, ceiling, or floors

 Take a look at some of the qualities that make plywood the ideal choice: 

  • Lightweight
  • Uniform
  • Insulating
  • Beautiful 
  • Customizable 

Plywood for Walls

Although drywall is the common choice for walls across North America, plywood is a solid alternative for walls that boasts a number of advantages. Plywood is stronger and easier to install than drywall, in addition to these factors:

  • Easy Installation: plywood is lightweight, weighing almost an entire pound less than its drywall counterpart. This means that it’s easy to handle, quick to install, and its installation can be a one person job. Plywood walls also don’t require any further work upon installation; you just need to connect the panels to complete your plywood walls.
  • Customizable: although drywall is known for its smooth nature that is ready to be painted, plywood offers a beautiful natural wood that can truly transform any space. Plywood panels also have a number of finishes available, letting you pick a UV finish or uniform colors that work best for your project. 
  • Structural Strength: plywood is naturally very strong and is able to withstand heavy objects when they are directly screwed to the wood. If you’re looking to hang items, such as shelves, electronics, or other items, plywood is the best bet. In addition, it’s added strength makes it more resistant to damage, ensuring a wall that lasts much longer.

Plywood for Ceilings 

Have you been looking for a way to transform your space into a truly unique masterpiece? Consider using plywood for ceilings to give your space a new, modern look and actually receive benefits from the plywood. Similarly to the advantages of using plywood for your walls, there are a number of benefits that come with the choice: 

  • Lightweight: weight is a crucial factor for ceiling installation. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to install and means that it doesn’t require additional support. For spaces with less conventional designs, plywood can be cut to fit the exact size needed, ensuring that the entire space is identical.

  • Resistant: plywood’s durable nature also contributes to its high resistance against water and other damages, resulting in a long-lasting, high-quality product. 

  • Insulating: plywood offers both thermal and acoustic insulation, helping keep the cold out and ensuring that sound stays in the building. Consider choosing plywood to maintain a temperature and sound controlled environment. 

Plywood for Floors

Just like with wall and ceiling decisions, many choose plywood for its versatility and decorative advantages. Plywood is a great choice for floors that will leave your space unmatched and beautiful. 

  • Easy to work with: this ease comes in handy in a number of different situations, such as repairs, painting, changing panels, and remodeling. Because plywood is so easy to work with, you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from when remodeling and changing up the look of your home. 
  • Durable: plywood is durable in both hot and cold environments and doesn’t expand or contract much, nor splinter with weather changes. It’s also water resistant as the layers of wood are packed tightly together.  Some kinds of plywood, such as eucalyptus, are especially resistant and a great choice for flooring.
  • Wide variety of finishes and styles: to complete the look, you can pick the style of plywood and finishes that best match your project needs. Plywood comes in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and treatments that will ensure a finished product that matches the rest of your home. 

If you’re ready to create a unique project that makes the most out of plywood, look no further. Our experts are happy to help you find the right product to make your ideas a reality. Contact us today to get started. 

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