Wine tasting event to benefit the island of La Palma

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Garnica was one of the collaborating companies in an event organized by Peña Virgen de los Parrales and the City Hall of Baños de Río Tobía

The "Baños cata La Palma" wine tasting was held in Baños de Río Tobía on November 27 to raise money for victims on the island of La Palma; it was led by four Riojan wine experts and sommeliers: Ana Mª Martín, Juan Carlos Sancha, Clemente García and Ángel Villar.

The event was organized by Peña Virgen de los Parrales in collaboration with the City Hall of Baños de Río Tobía and featured the participation of three Riojan and five Canarian vineyards, which joined remotely to participate. The funds raised were donated to help the victims in La Palma.

The event, which was attended by over 100 people, had numerous highlights: in addition to providing the chance to try wines from the Canary Islands—unknown by most attendees—and excellent wines from La Rioja, it was an act of solidarity with the island of La Palma, which is going through a very difficult time.

In harmony with our commitment and responsibility to support initiatives to favor economic and social progress of the areas in which our activity is carried out and to address the most pressing needs, Garnica participated with a donation to help victims on the island. Our company is also closely linked with Baños de Río Tobía, the town where our company was created in 1941 and where we have two manufacturing plants.

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