Plywood storage ideas

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One of plywood’s strongest attributes is that it is an extremely versatile material and ideal for a number of applications. Its customizable nature means that it can be worked to meet even the most demanding or out-of-the-box need. In this post, we’ll explore what makes plywood such a good choice for storage solutions in your home or office.

Finding innovative storage solutions in your home or office is one of the most challenging feats when trying to design a room that is simultaneously functional and aesthetically pleasing. Especially for small spaces, storage solutions are key to maximizing the available space and making it useful for its inhabitants. Plywood is the best choice for storage projects because it is lightweight, versatile, and most importantly, customizable. What does that mean? Well, you can take even the strangest or smallest space and use plywood to transform it into a storage space that adds value to the area.

Before we dive into innovative storage solutions, let’s discuss why plywood, especially poplar plywood, is such a good choice for this kind of project:

  • It’s customizable: plywood panels can be fitted to meet the exact needs of your project, even XL sizes! 
  • It’s easy to work with: similarly to the size of the panels, plywood is easy to cut and machine, resulting in a panel that can be maneuvered to fit almost any space perfectly.
  • It’s lightweight: plywood’s light weight means that it can be used for shelves, cabinets, or retractable/foldable projects.
  • It’s uniform:  its thin veneer-based composition makes it very uniform and it does not twist.
  • It’s sustainable: Garnica’s plywood panels are sustainably sourced from European plantations that actually give back to local communities. In addition, these fast-growing trees ensure that cut-down wood is replenished quickly, contributing to the well-being of the environment. 

Plywood Storage Ideas

Now that we know why plywood is such a good choice for storage projects, here are some innovative uses for plywood that will help you take advantage of your entire space: 

Wall-to-Wall Storage 

Although it may seem daunting to take over an entire wall, a smart combination of open, cabinet, and pull-out shelves can truly transform your space and provide valuable storage options while maintaining the elegance of the room. Especially in a bedroom, plywood panels can be sized to include floor-to-ceiling closet doors in some places and add drawers in others. Consider mixing and matching wall-to-ceiling doors, open shelves, pull out racks for shoes, and cabinets to create a custom piece that truly works for you and maximizes the available space to the fullest. 

Bench Seating 

Many people use plywood for storage crates or boxes, but why not design a project that serves as both a storage and solution and a useful addition to your home or office? Kitchens are one room that can always use more storage options, especially ones that don’t take away from the already small area in which space is so valuable. Bench seating can do just that; it provides seating options that can seat many while offering a large quantity of storage space. Plywood also comes in a number of different finishes and hardwood options which guarantees it will match the cabinets and design of your kitchen. 


In the era of remote working, creating productive and useful work stations in homes is more important than ever before. That’s why customized desks that perfectly fit in your space are key. Consider adding a foldable desk that is attached to the wall, either floating or part of larger cabinets, that can be lowered to create a workspace during the day, but then folds up into the wall to conserve space and contribute to a cleaner look. You can also consider an “L” shaped desk with one side that swings under the other to save space when not in use.

Room Divisions

If you are dealing with a large, open space and don’t know how to make the most of it, try using plywood storage solutions to break down the space and make it more comfortable. Kitchen islands with built-in storage or tall cabinets that help to create the illusion of separate rooms contribute to not only a more livable space, but also to providing useful places to store a wide variety of items. Choose the finish and type of wood that best matches your space and it will never be the same.   

Making the Most of Dead Spaces

Many apartments and even offices have spaces that are tough to work with, be it a corner or very small space.  Plywood’s customizable nature means that you can use it to create custom-sized shelves or storage units that will help make the most of the space.  Try using floating shelves in awkward spaces such as corners that will help you declutter the space while making the most of the available space. 

If you’re ready to take your space to the next level and make the most of every inch, contact us today. We’d love to help you discover more about how plywood is the best choice for your next storage project. 

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