Garnica, innovating with circular disassembly

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Garnica partnered with SURUS to create a disassembly model with which we continue to promote the company's sustainable values.

The energy sector is currently undergoing a profound transformation towards more sustainable models. Continuing along these lines and seeking to give a second life to our equipment and materials, at Garnica we partnered with SURUS, a circular responsibility consulting company, to create our disassembly model, which we leverage to reuse equipment in compliance with circular economy principles.

Given the specificity of use of this equipment, the choice to scrap this material would have been easy, although not very circular or economically profitable. Consequently, the SURUS team, in close collaboration with our personnel, catalogued all the assets to be sold at the Garnica Cogeneration Plant in Baños. By analyzing the market needs, an intense marketing campaign was carried out which, together with the extensive portfolio of customers already registered on the specialized auction website “Escrapalia,” generated considerable interest among competitors and interested companies, resulting in a maximum return.

Once the equipment was awarded, we concluded the cycle with invoicing, handling collections, and preparing the relevant orders, in addition to managing deliveries and loading materials, conducting the pertinent delivery checks, managing documents to access facilities, and coordinating activities in cases where they were required to comply with the appropriate health and safety plans. In total, thanks to this process, it is estimated that the generation of more than 24,000 kilos of waste and 123,640 kilos of CO2 was averted.

Undoubtedly, replacing equipment by modernizing and even completely dismantling a cogeneration plant can be an enormous source of useful, functional, and material resources. In this way, we at Garnica continue to promote the company’s sustainable values and maximize its economic and social value, as well as its environmental value.

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