Garnica participates for another year in the 7th Women’s Race for AECC Research

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The race, which was held on September 11, saw 9,000 women participating, including 68 Garnica employees, which again won Garnica the title of the company with highest participation.

Garnica’s employees have again claimed the prize of being the company with the highest participation in this edition of the 7th Women’s Race for cancer research. The race, in which 9,000 women participated this year, is organized by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and sponsored by the Government of La Rioja and the Logroño City Council. Furthermore, several businesses in the region also contribute to it, including Garnica.

This year we reached 68 entries, which is reason to be proud because the full registration fee goes to funding cancer research. Thanks to this contribution, the La Rioja AECC can continue contributing financially to sustain this research that benefits all citizens. Additionally, the AECC was very pleased with the number of entries in 2022, thanking all the participants for their efforts and enthusiasm in a race that we make bigger every year.

At Garnica, we have a strong commitment to the physical and mental wellbeing of the whole team, which motivates us to actively participate each year in the race. We also carry out other initiatives as part of the “Garnica Health” program, promoting healthy life habits among company members, such as yoga, CrossFit, and golf classes, and courses on nutrition, good habits, and mindfulness, among others.

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