Garnica awards 11 scholarships to cover tuition for master’s students at the University of La Rioja

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Once again this year, we are financing the call for scholarships for students who have completed undergraduate studies at the University of La Rioja and are continuing their education in master’s and doctorate programs.

During the event held at the university and in the presence of the president, Juan Carlos Ayala, our Chief People Officer, José Luis Tamargo, presented the scholarships that were granted to 11 students from the University of La Rioja to pursue their master’s during the 2021-2022 academic year.

It is this institution’s main talent promotion and academic advancement program, and it is the sixth consecutive year in which our company has financed these scholarships: two are for the Master’s in Business Management, eight for Industrial Engineering, and one for Chemistry and Biotechnology.

For Garnica, it is an honor to reward academic advancement and promote education and talent development among young people. For our company, this type of initiative is part of our commitment to continue growing responsibly and sustainably and to contribute to social and economic recovery during the difficult situation we are living in.

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