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Tondeluna: an example of sustainable architecture in a gastronomic space

Tondeluna: an example of sustainable architecture in a gastronomic space
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Tondeluna is a new restaurant project in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain) that has been opened by husband-and-wife team Francis Paniego and Luisa Barrachina alongside the architecture firm Picado de Blas (Madrid, Spain).

The material chosen for the construction, decoration and furniture in this project has played a major role. The Fireshield plywood range from Garnica is made from sustainable timber with a B-s1 d0 fire rating, certifying exceptional fire resistance standards.

Fireshield meets the requirements of the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE), which states that ceiling and wall coverings must have a B-s1 d0 fire rating, and is therefore ideal and often used in public establishments.

“We were very excited to design this new restaurant concept, which stands as a perfect example of the huge number of potential applications for Garnica plywood: walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and decoration... even the menu is based on poplar wood”, explain the architects who chose plywood panels from Garnica because of their huge versatility.

The Picado de Blas architectural studio in Madrid has been instrumental in this project. The entire restaurant has been decorated using totally sustainable laminated wood from the Rioja-based company Garnica.

Garnica's new range of panels is greatly expanded, and offer "ready to assemble", pre-machined multisolution panels designed for dry installation.

The formats used include pieces of up to 3100 x 1830 mm and 50 mm thick in various finishes, both varnished natural wood and decorative HPL coverings in several colours. The ability to work with XL size panels and various finishes provides a wide range of options for every project, both interior and exterior.

The restaurant includes six large, long tables and accompanying chairs, all of them with a clear view of the kitchen and made from plywood with a natural varnished finish. The dining space is surrounded by an abstract forest represented by vertical sheets of Fireshield plywood covered in vibrantly coloured HPL. Garnica plywood was also used at the restaurant to build a cosy laminated ceiling and high-strength flooring ready to withstand the pressure of its many patrons. The cupboards, shelves, bathroom furnishings, interior and exterior doors at the restaurant are also made from plywood produced by Garnica.

Sustainability for this project was key due to principles upheld by both the architects and the restaurant owners. “We want it to be a 21st Century restaurant, committed to our environment and our society, where the values we defend are not just pie in the sky but rather seen, touched and felt”, says Francis Paniego.

Garnica plywood is the perfect material for this project, not only because of poplar plywood’s intrinsic sustainability but because of Garnica’s commitment to promoting and controlling sustainable, fast-growing plantations in rural parts of Europe.

The restaurant owners, Francis Paniego and Luisa Barrachina, have two Michelin stars at their El Portal de Echaurren restaurant in Ezcaray (La Rioja, Spain), another Picado de Blas project. The firm is also responsible for other important gastronomy projects, such as the Yakitoro restaurant and Vallermoso Market in Madrid, public works, such as the El Escorial Sala theatre, and various business premises and private homes.

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