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Code of Ethics

Fecha de publicación: 01/07/2015

Pedro Garnica's Announcement, Executive President.


Dear Sir or Madam:

I address you again to inform you of the imminent implementation of the Company Crime Prevention Policy. We consider this document to be of utmost importance, given that it affects all administrators, the Garnica staff and our subsidiaries, as well as third parties associated with them.

The message that Garnica wishes to send ensures that all its activities are founded in respect for the law and in principles which are translated into ethical behaviour guidelines, in which each one of us takes part.

The Company Ethical Code is established to facilitate the implementation of this Crime Prevention Policy, and it will be our guide, involving a commitment to legality, good government, transparency, responsibility, independence and reputation, with respect to socially accepted ethical standards.

Furthermore, it represents a consolidated culture and various guidelines for responsible behaviour which must be shared, accepted and respected by all.

Ethical behaviour is, in itself, everyone's obligation. Fulfilment of this duty will generate a greater reputation for integrity, promote responsible behaviour, improve our performance and strengthen Garnica's relationship with two of our greatest assets - our clients and our employees.

I would appreciate your thorough reading of our Ethical Code with the aim of applying its content, consulting it when you feel it is appropriate, and by this manner, you too can contribute to promoting the ethical spirit of Garnica.

Pedro Garnica

Executive President